Andrew Robl, born September 27th 1986, is a professional poker player from Okemos Michigan.  He has appeared on numerous TV Show’s including NBC’s Heads-up championship, Poker After Dark, ESPN’s World Sersis of Poker and GSN’s High stakes poker.  In addition he had both a documentary: From Busto to Robusto  and a book Ship It Holla Ballas made about his early years as poker pro.

Andrew got started in poker at 17 after watching an episode of ESPN’s world series with his Dad. He started playing in $5 buy-in home games with his friends and when he turned 18 he transitioned to playing $5 sit-n-gos online.  He slowly worked his way up the limits and by the time he turned 21 he was playing the biggest games online and had become a self made millionaire.

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Today Andrew travels the world in search of the biggest poker games he can find.  He has played stakes as high as $5,000/$10,000USD No Limit Hold’em and is willing to gamble at anything he thinks he can win at.  When he’s not traveling he resides in his homes in Las Vegas and Macau with his girlfriend Christal Fuentes and his dog Astro.  In his free time he likes to go hiking, train martial arts and learn new things.